Selection for 2020/21

Culinary Federation of Jamaica has been selected as our 2020/21 pro-bono project.

Give to this cause or sponsor a nonprofit of your own with any selected website Plan.

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Pro Bono Website Services for Nonprofits

We appreciate the  support we have received over the years  from our customers. In expression of our gratitude, we support the cause of one nonprofit each year, helping that organization to pursue it’s goals.

Each year a nonprofit organization is selected to receive a new website or to have an existing website redeveloped for free; consisting of no more than 6 pages.  Our pro bono website services include a complete website review and consultation, followed by content submission and development and launch within 30 business days. Change may include a complete website redesign and rebuild, installation of new plugin software, enhancements and more. Our goal is to help the selected organization meet or exceed their goals with an effective website.

Website for Selected Nonprofit!