Standard Website Plan

All our website plans are Built on WordPress.  The Standard Website Plan is great for schools and small to medium sized organizations with the need to provide a lot of information to users. This plan helps you to organize  information about your organization and delivery it in such a way your visitors will be able to find what they need; it will demonstrate your expertise and keep visitors engaged with your business longer. It will help you build confidence and differentiate your brand and the product or services you provide.  You will be able to go deep providing clear explanation to help reader to make better decisions. The plan will help to get you customer talking with you through contact forms, applications, forums, etc. and more likely be fully engaged in a positive way with your company. Click here for an idea of what you could receive.

*This plan also supports ecommerce with 4 Pages.

JM $ 100,000

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What’s Included?

With the standar website plan a website will be built for your organization that meet your business needs. The features included in this plan are:

  • 15 Content-Rich Website Pages.
  • A CMS Website, built on WordPress.
  • A Responsive / Mobile friendly Website
  • A Theme with your colour scheme.
  • Display of Calendar/Upcoming Events.
  • Include links to your existing social media pages.
  • Includes a slider on the home page. Up to 4 slides.
  • Includes contact page with contact form and map.
  • Frequently asked Questions tabbed or accordion.
  • Includes photo gallery with up to 50 photos.
  • A content rich website that includes  images of your choice.
  • Includes all creative artwork and designs to be included on the website.
  • Includes 3-4 revision dates and completed within 30 days with customer cooperation.

 E-commerce Or Booking Option

  • 4 Website Pages
  • A Shopping Cart / booking
  • Up to 35 Products /  Items
  • Wipay / Fygaro / FAC / PayPal / Stripe/  Offline Payment


Additional Options you may request

  • Purchase additional pages and features by clicking here ORDER ADD-ONS
  • Purchase of plugins or modules that provide the functionality you need.
  • Live Chat integration available at additional cost. Order here!
  • A paid 30 min. to 1 hr. training session to show you how to maintain your website on your own, if we will not be maintain it for you.