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INVOICE Number GDMhINV-0001024
INVOICE Date July 12, 2020
Due Date July 28, 2020
Balance / Total Due JM$0.00
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Trelawny, Jamaica

Important To Note!  This invoice reflects Billing to Date. For the period May 12, 2020 to July 10, 2020. Work continues as the apple account set-up is still pending processing.

Project is billed to date for the following reason: Where Global Designs Mediahouse has full control over the start to completion or set-up and configuration of both PayPal and BrainTree accounts. The Apple  account creation requires legal documents, an in-person review and contact by the Apple team. The process requires a lot of wait time and legal binding documents, just as with Dun and Bradstreet,  and proves to be a lengthy process with unreliable email support and no means of telephone communication. This has extended to over an unpredictable time period and is completely out of the control or ability of Global Designs Mediahouse to self serve as with the other two accounts.

For these reasons, billing has to be prepared for hours invested on a monthly basis.
*Any future invoice which is a continuation of this service will be billed as additional hours at the rate of J$3,500/hr.

Hrs/Qty Service Details RateSUB TOTAL
1 PayPay account + Developer/Sandbox account creation and config. for online payments

Service Charge

1 Created Sandbox Braintree Account

Service Charge

1 Initial work towards creation of apple account. (Billing for period up to June 10, 2020)

Set-up Two Step Authentication
Set-up Two Factor Authentication
Process / request of Duns Number (via apple & Duns and Bradstreet)
Calls made to apple Mexico/Caribbean and Us apple office
Calls made to Dun and Brradstreet re. Duns #
Emails to Apple dev. support team.

3 Services Provided Billed Per Hour Up to the First 3 Hours

Website / Internet Based Service : details outlined below /next item

7 Services Provided Billed Per Hour For each additional Hour

Website / Internet Based Service: These services include billing for hours worked for period June 11 to July 10, 2020:
-Continued communication to Duns and Bradstreet for which duns # was received on June 28, 2020.
-Continued communication with apple via contact form with regards to payment / Application Process / Account information status and assistance to activate account / Scheduled call backs / Prepared detailed emails outlining issues to be able to receive assistance.
-Communication to verify payment, Issue with 1st payment, send payment/card- communications re processing status... still pending apple feedback.
-Re-creation of a new account as required form to setup account as company and accept Duns info was missing
-Account recreated and awaiting processing. Schedule called backs and requested status information.

SUB TOTAL JM$54,785.00
Adjust JM$8,217.75
Paid -JM$63,002.75
Balance / Total Due JM$0.00

Paying via Bank Transfer or Direct Deposit


Account Name: Global Designs Mediahouse
Account Type: Savings
Account #: 435-150-462
Branch: Fairview

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